35 - Editorial - Widening Our Catchment Area

08:02PM BST - Thursday, 21 June 2007

Contributed by: Alan Bunting

Membership of the Bunting Society is at an all-time high. At the time of writing the newest member was allocated number 464 — heading towards the magic 500 mark! Active membership is of course a lot more modest than that figure, but we have every reason to be optimistic.

On page 2 of this issue of Gone a-Hunting, one of our most recent members, Jan Rogers, whose interest in the society was stimulated after attending (as a non-member) the annual gathering at Alpheton last October, gives us a fascinating account of her Bunting childhood in Pennsylvania, with recollections of her American ancestors.
Unlike Jan, who now lives in the UK, a number of potential members residing overseas, most notably in the United States and Commonwealth countries, have been discouraged from joining the society, or in some cases from renewing their membership, because of irritating procedural difficulties in the payment of their subscriptions. We are now taking active steps to sort out this problem, so that members outside the UK can pay their subscriptions simply and easily by credit card.
We hope to give more details of those updated payment arrangements in our Autumn/Winter issue. In the meantime, we are endeavouring to make the Bunting Society' better known across the British Isles. We know that North of the Border, for instance, there is a plethora of Buntings, Buntaines et al. And we regularly encounter Buntings in England who can trace their ancestors back to Inland, either North or South.
Please pass on the contact details of any would-be Bunting Society members you know of, who are out there on the 'Celtic Fringe'. We need the input from their family histories to help forge those all-important genealogical links which can help bring together distant — often previously unknown - relations.

Well off the beaten track just to the north of Hadleigh, Essex, is Buntings Green, a hamlet of just three or four houses, one of them called Buntings Green Cottage.


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