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11:23PM BST - Tuesday, 03 July 2007

Contributed by: Jerry Green

In the will of an ancestor of mine thousands of pounds were shared between his children, but; his eldest son was left one shilling. This seemed a bit strange to me. I searched the London Gazette for the year the will was made and found his eldest son in debtors prison as a bankrupt. I looked up some Buntings around the same period and found the following interesting records. The London Gazette archive can be searched.

I WILLIAM BUNTING, at present, and for three years last past, residing at Newport Pagnell, in the couuty of Buckinghamshire and being a butcher, do hereby give notice, that I intend to present a Petition to the Court of Bankruptcy, in, the city of London, praying to be examined touching my debts, estate, and effects, and to be protected from all process upon making a full disclosure and surrender of such estate and effects, for payment of my just and lawful debts; and I hereby further give notice, that the time, when the matter of the said Petition shall he heard, is to be advertized in the London Gazette and in the Northampton Mercury Newspaper, one month at the least after the date hereof; As witness my hand, this 8th day of March, 1844- The


Enclosure 6.

A List of Casualties in the Royal Naval Brigasde before Sevastopol


William Fleming, A.B., London



James Murray, A.B,, London, severely

William Bunting, leading seaman, Albion, severely


1 killed

1 wounded severely 6 wounded slightly 2 contused severely


Captain Commanding Royal Naval Brigade.




Arthur Thomas, A.B., Rodney, severely

 John Remlo, Ord., Rodney slightly

William Murray, Ord., Queen, slightly

 Robert Bucklcy, Ord., Wasp, slightly

David Wildish, A.B., London, slightly

Charles Stevenson, Ord., London, slightly

William Owen, Ord. London slightly

Royal Naval Brigade before Sevastopol for 6th September, 1855.

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