Bunting, Sarah - Ireland

04:11PM BST - Saturday, 20 October 2007

Contributed by: Andrew Telford


I am attempting to track down some of the family history which relates to Sarah Bunting of Ireland (Ballymena area). What I know is Sarah was born circa 1878. Married Samuel Telford (my greatgrandfather) and died in Scotland on 10 May 1920. Sarah had 5 children
I am led to believe that on the death of Sarah Bunting, the Children were sent to Ireland to be looked after by relatives. I am not sure who the relatives where (Telford or Bunting). My mother was born in Ireland and recalls discussing with my grandfather people in the area that they both knew. One in particular was Samuel Bunting (aka Black Sam). It is possible that Samuel Bunting was the brother of Sarah or at least a relative of some kind.

If you are able to assist in locating the relatives, it would be much appreciative.

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