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Lost Bunting

Recently My Mother and I have inherited a book full of poetry writen in the 1st world war. One particular poem stood out from all the rest .... "my pal Jack"

the poem, writen by an eye witness, descibes the day Jack dies for the safety of his comrades. after researching the poems authenticity we have found all the evidence we need to prove that it is true. we have discovered that "Jack" is John Henry Bunting private 8153 1st Bn, west yorkshire regiment, died on sunday 20th september 1914 age 27

He is the son of mr and mrs Bunting of 32, chancery lane ,Beckenham Kent

we would love to find a living relative of Jack as they need to know he died a hero.

please help us track them down


Gemma and Barbara Kirk

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Lost Bunting
Authored by: Anonymous on 08:01PM GMT - Friday, 11 January 2008

I have now discovered that John was the son of Charles Bunting )b) abt 1849 in Camden Town. He married Mary and they had 6 children. Charles, John, Ellen, Earnest, Martha and William.

Regards. Barbara Kirk.

Lost Bunting
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 12:46AM GMT - Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dear Barbara,

When I wrote the reply dated 16/1/08 at 00.30hrs, few moments ago, I had missed your note about Charles. What was your source? At first sight this appears to conflict with the initial of the person living at the address you quoted as belonging to his next of kin.


Lost Bunting
Authored by: Jerry Green on 08:47PM GMT - Friday, 11 January 2008
The full poem and more discussion on this can be seen at The Great War Forum.

Jerry Green Society Webmaster.

Lost Bunting
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 12:35AM GMT - Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dear Gemma & Barbara,

The only John Henry I could find in the Society records born circa1887 was one with the wrong parents. So I supose it is possible that when we were transcribing the B,M & D we missed him and no one so far has, knowingly, joined our ranks from his family. Consequently we do not have a family tree arising from potential brothers or sisters. At least, one that can be easily identified.

Trade directories for the next of kin address show his father to be a Mr J. Bunting. An electoral role for the address needs to be interrogated to determine his actual christian name (so that perhaps we could establish his birth and and marriage in our records) but probably will not show his wife's forename. These, I think, may be in the Maidstone Record Office (or possibly London Metropolitan Archives). After several years at the address John Henry's parents moved. I don't know where to at the moment. There were several other Buntings in the locality and potentially they could be relations.

The Army Records need to be further investigated further particularly to find out which Regiment he was with in 1908. Also the West YKS Regimental diaries for the 1914 period and the appropriate ones for 1908. The latter as they may give more detail about the whereabouts of next of kin data at The National Archives (TNA) at Kew. I think his 1914 data was part that suffered in the "Burnt Records". I believe that the West YKS Regimental Association disbanded in about 1935 but I could be wrong about that. None of the people who kindly wrote in response to Alice's copy of the poem, on our Webmaster's link, appeared to have a connection with that Association but there must be records from the Association somewhere. I believe that I saw John Henry's Medal Role entitlement but I have misplaced my note about it. Perhaps you have it?

Is Alice also a family member and do you still use classicfm? You can reply directly to me or my link on this web site if that is easier.



Lost Bunting
Authored by: Anonymous on 06:12PM GMT - Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hi Micheal.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply and help us with our research. Firstly Gemma and Alice are the same person, she's my daughter.( long story). The assumption that Charles and Mary are Johns parents has come from the census information based on some information i have received from the local studies department at Bromley council. John is also commemorated on a memorial in Beckingham kent and i have been in touch with them to find out if there are any records attatched to the memorial. There are no direct records linked to the actual memorial but he was able to check Chancery lane for me in the street directories. In 1917 the address was registered to a j Bunting and occupied up until 1939 by a Charles bunting and a Mrs M Bunting. This fits with the census info for 1901.

I can share this info with you if you email me

Regards and many thanks.

Barbara Kirk

Lost Bunting
Authored by: Anonymous on 07:05PM GMT - Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hi again.

On the Beckingham memorial John is listed above an Earnest Bunting who was killed in action in 1917. His age also fits with the Earnest on the 1901 census. Could this be his brother. I intend to explore John further by purchasing the relevant certificates when i have a bit more time. My first stop will be Johns birth certificate. I am also going to get intouch with the Regiment historian to see if he can tell me anything.



Lost Bunting
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 11:45PM GMT - Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dear Barbara & Gemma,

The Bromley Local studies library has done you proud in going beyond confirming that I had remembered that J Bunting was the owner of 32 Chancery Lane by looking at the Electoral rolls to give you the occupiers, Charles and Mary. I believe there was a Lloyd George Land Tax around about 1910. These usually give the owners and occupiers detail too.

I may not get the opportunity to look at the Society records for them for about a week now and then to see if they can show lead to a modern descendant. At least you have saved me a trip to the Guildhall Library tomorrow to verify the owner of no. 32. You could save time and write to Mary Rix, our Record Keeper (her link is on the "About Us" page in the header above)!

I have applied for the military death certificate for John Henry (listed on the "Find My Past" site) in the hope that it might show something useful that is not on either Commonwealth Wargraves or Soldiers Killed in the First World War sites. So don't waste your money on that as I will send you a copy.

That is all for now. Michael.

Lost Bunting
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 12:02AM GMT - Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Dear Gemma and Barbara,

The forces death certificate, perhaps understanably, has the bare minimum of information on it and so is less valuable than that obtained from the "Commonwealth War Graves" source but for completeness sake I will let you have a copy.

I think you may be wrong in surmising that "Earnest" was killed in the war as the Bunting Society records show that he married, with the classic spelling of the name, Ernest and produced a son John F, probably named in honour of his Uncle. In turn one of his daughters, with the slightly unusual but attractive name of Alicia lives in the Bromley, UK, Registration district. Perhaps you can now complete the story and find the lost Buntings?


Lost Bunting
Authored by: Anonymous on 09:51AM GMT - Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Thankyou for all the work you have done to help us.

This has been something that i have dipped in and out of for many years but it looks like you have brought it to a conclusion.

I will get in touch with the family and let you know what happens.

Best wishes.

Barbara and Gemma.

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