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09:29AM GMT - Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Contributed by: Anonymous

Recently My Mother and I have inherited a book full of poetry writen in the 1st world war. One particular poem stood out from all the rest .... "my pal Jack"

the poem, writen by an eye witness, descibes the day Jack dies for the safety of his comrades. after researching the poems authenticity we have found all the evidence we need to prove that it is true. we have discovered that "Jack" is John Henry Bunting private 8153 1st Bn, west yorkshire regiment, died on sunday 20th september 1914 age 27

He is the son of mr and mrs Bunting of 32, chancery lane ,Beckenham Kent

we would love to find a living relative of Jack as they need to know he died a hero.

please help us track them down


Gemma and Barbara Kirk

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