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08:09AM BST - Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Contributed by: Brian Bunting

Patrick Bunting born 1812. Mary Ann Bunting nee Oliver born 1822 Wrexham Wales.

John Bunting born Ireland 1838. Fanny Bunting born Ireland 1839. Mary Ann Bunting born Ireland 1841. Sarah Bunting born Ireland 1843.

Patrick and his family fled the famine in the 1840s and ended up as a Glass Worker in the town of St Helens Lancashire. We have reason to believe that some of these Irish Buntings went to America, namely: John Bunting and Mary Ann Brian, nee Bunting followed later by Fanny Howarth nee Bunting.

In the 1881 UK cencus Fanny Howarth nee Bunting is back in Skelmersdale with a 7 year Daughter Emily born in America.

Any news from Ireland, the US, or the UK would be most welcome

Where in Ireland did Patrick and his family live. Did any other members of Patricks family come to Lancashire.

All of these Buntings were members of the Established Church, so could probably be described as "Ulster Scots" ?

Brian Bunting

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