Bunting/Lees Families From The Ashton, Stalybridge Area.

03:36PM BST - Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

An e-mail enquiry about the Bunting/Lees families.

I have received an enquiry from David Nuttall about a birth certificate initially possessed by his Grandmother, then his Mother and now held by David.

David does not know why this certificate has been in the possesion of his family and wonders if we have anyone researching the Bunting and Lees families.
The certificate contains the following facts;-  Ellen Bunting was born in 1854, in Stalybridge (near Manchester, LAN), to Joseph and Rachael Bunting (nee Lees).
Also Grandmother - Sunderland (nee Simpson).
and Mother - Nuttall (nee Sunderland).
Can anyone help?

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