The Irish/Lancashire Bunton/Buntings

12:12PM BST - Sunday, 20 July 2008

Contributed by: Brian Bunting

"Where oh where are the rest of the Irish/Lancashire Buntings"
  Patrick Bunting, his wife Mary Ann Bunting, and thier 4 children, John born 1838. Fanny born 1839. Mary Ann born 1841. and Sarah born 1843. came to these shores in the 1840s presumably to flee the famine.

  Patrick and his family on the 1851 Census were living in the Parr District of St Helens. Patrick and his son now aged 13 ? were described as Glass Workers.

Patrick and Mary Ann went on to have the following children Henry. Susannah. William, (Betsy/Joseph did not survive).Richard. Joseph.

On the 1861 Census John was not living with his family.

In 1862 Patrick died and was buried in a paupers grave in St Helens.

Very soon after Patricks death the family moved to Skelmersdale, Lancs from where we can account for most of them.

1863 Patricks widow went on to marry a Thomas Beetle and then died in Aspull, Wigan in 1868 of a stroke and was buried in a paupers grave.
But now we have the Mystery of John Bunting. Fanny Howarth/Howard, nee Bunting. Mary Ann Brian, nee Bunting.

Absolutely no sign of John and Mary Ann. but in the 1871 Census Fanny Howard is in Skelmersdale with a 7 year old daughter Emily (born in america)

Questions Questions Questions. What happened to John Bunting, and his sisters Mary Ann Brian. and Fanny Howarth/Howard.

Fanny went to the USA and returned with her daughter. did Fanny emigrate with John and Mary Ann.

We have never been able to put a handle on Patrick. where in Ireland did Patrick come from, and did his family alone come to Lancashire.

Any answers or clues to these questions would be greatfully recieved.

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