Heritage Plaque for John Bunting's House in Hunstanton

02:30AM BST - Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Contributed by: Tony Bunting

A plaque has been placed on the house at 1 and 2 Hill Street, Hunstanton proclaiming that this was John Bunting's House.
John Bunting was an Estate Bailiff for the L'Estrange family at the time Hunstanton was formed as a sea side town. He married Sarah on 22 May 1858 and celebrated his golden wedding at his house in Hill Street with his ten children.

The plaque is one of 25 plaques forming the new heritage plaque walk in Hunstantonwhich was launched last year and was funded by The Heritage lottery Fund, the Countryside Agency and the Nationwide Building Society.

I will endeavour in due course to copy and put on the website a photograph of John and and Sarah Bunting's Golden Wedding taken outside his house in Hill Street and copies of some pages from John Bunting's ledgers which I have in my possession and which show details of payments made to estate workers.

Further details of the plaque and the part John Bunting played in the early days of the formation of Hunstanton John Bunting can be found at The Hunstanton Civic Society Website.
John and Sarah Bunting are my Great grand parents.

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