07:27PM BST - Monday, 18 August 2008

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

FTdna are offering a reduction in their testing charges until the end of the August. Why not take them up on their offer? DNA Testing, SALE TIME.

Having had a test undertaken by the American firm “Familytreedna” (FTdna) I have been pleased with the result.
It showed that in having opted for the 67 marker test that David Bunton, of the USA, and I, on the UK, Duffield, Derbyshire tree, have only two markers readings which are slightly different. This means that our two family lines were related between 6 and 12 generations ago. For me that was an unexpected result and means that I need to pursue more vigorously my earliest known ancestor to see where the UK link lies.

The testing company have just announced that they are reducing their charges until the end of this month, August 31st. To take advantage of this offer you will need to get your skates on.

How to do it?
1. Let David Bunton, the Societies’ American coordinator know that you wish to register as a member of the group.
His e-mail address is:- buntingbuntondna@yahoo.com

2. Let me know which of the family trees you believe you are on in the Bunting Society as the Society is offering to sponsor a named (its got to be Bunting or an accepted variant), current, Member from any of our trees up to a maximum of £30 per tree.
My e-mail address is:- bunting@one-name.org

Examples of the savings towards which you will have to contribute the balance are :-
Y-DNA37 orders price REDUCED to $119 (normally $189)
Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus orders price REDUCED to $189 (normally $339)
Y-DNA67+mtDNAPlus orders price REDUCED to $288 (normally $409)
Plus an element for postage.
I have quoted the dollar figure as the pound exchange rate is altering quite a bit at the moment.

Ladies you can assist by persuading a man on your tree to take a test. See 2. above. You can even pay for him to do it!!

We would especially like Bunting men on the Matlock tree to join us as they are one of the larger groups from whom there are many American descendants.

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