A Rochdale Bunting Marriage Reference

11:18PM BST - Monday, 15 September 2008

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

The spouse's name of Mary Bunting married in the March quarter of 1846 was sent to me by a friend looking through the Rochdale, St Chad, Registers..

    The marriage in Rochdale in 1846 between Ashton HARTLEY and Mary BUNTING was
on 4th January 1846.
    This is in Society, Masterfile Marriages and has the following UK, General Register Office reference:-
1846 Mar    Mary     Bunting    Rochdale    21    508
The full church entry was:-
Rochdale St Chad
No 88
Ashton HARTLEY - Full age - Bachelor - Spinner - Ogden St - Edmund HARTLEY - Weaver
Mary BUNTING - Full age - Spinster -  - Ogden St - Samuel BUNTING - Whitesmith

The mark of both
Witnesses - Alfred TAYLOR, Mary GREENWOOD

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