07:02PM BST - Sunday, 21 September 2008

Contributed by: Tony Bunting

I searched the on-line indexes for the National Archives, Kew and found the reference number for the minutes of a 1912 court case in which I am interested and which is now open, had them copied via an on-line request and sent to me for a modest sum. A really quite easy process!

I then used information from the case minutes to search the new on-line Times archives, which is easy and free, and have found the relevant newspaper in December 1912 reporting the case. I was able to copy/paste and print the report of the case in the Times. Again no charge. I now want to look at the News of the World for the following Sunday in December 1912. Their on-line archive, unlike that for the Times, only goes back about 10 years so I am back to the old fashioned methods! I had it in mind they might be in the newspaper archive near Edgware but then remembered that itonly holds local newspapers. Does anyone know where I can look at 1912/1913 copies of the News of the World and where hopefully they allow photos or copying of articles?

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