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Bunting Reunion

I am looking for a Bunting reunion for any of the four sons (Samuel, William, John, or Job) of Anthony Bunting (1600-1799) who came to New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the latter part of the 17th century. 

I live in Bucks County, PA and am particularily interested in the descendants of Job Bunting who moved to lower Bucks County, PA.  If no reunion exists then I am interested in setting one up.

Joseph Thomas  son of Maude Hazel Bunting

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Bunting Reunion
Authored by: Jerry Green on 05:15PM GMT - Monday, 03 November 2008

Anthony, from Matlock, Derbyshire is on our Family Tree DBY Matlock and is available for all members to see. If you search this website for re-union I think some of the Buntings mentioned must be linked to you.

Jerry Green Society Webmaster.

Bunting Reunion
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 01:11PM GMT - Thursday, 05 February 2009

Dear John Thomas,

I am sorry that you have had only the webmaster's reply to your enquiry. I have neglected my family history in the past five months because of building work at home and the consequential re-decoration. Now nearly finished but being delayed by inclement weather in the UK.

Firstly have you taken steps to organise your own reunion?

As Jerry implied there is a strong American descendancy from Anthony Bunting which does have regular reunions in the Eastern States. I have a recollection though that the lady who was organising them, LaVerne Bunting Hayes, was in need of help to run them.

If you send me an e-mail to my contact address above then I will put you in touch with her. (Privacy and Data Protection!)

Secondly the Society Record Keeper, Mary Rix, has a lot of information about Anthony's descendants,


Bunting Reunion
Authored by: Anonymous on 11:45PM BST - Wednesday, 08 April 2009

My husband is a decendent of Samuel Bunting and we live in the town of Crosswicks,  Chesterfield Township, NJ, and is where Samuel was sent over by the Queen of England in the 1600`s to settle land with the indians, so in order to establish the Quaker Meeting which is still active today.  It is a small villiage, in central New Jersey, not far from, Princeton,& Philadelphia.  My husbands family has a lovely family tree that has not been update in a few years, but it is hugh.

Have not really heard of any reunion going on here,  there are only a few of us still living in Crosswicks, there have always been Buntings living here since Samuel Bunting was sent here sooooo long ago.

If I do hear of any I will let you know, this is my first time on this site I have really enjoyed looking at it.

Bunting Reunion
Authored by: Anonymous on 05:18AM GMT - Saturday, 07 November 2009

I am a decendant of the Bunting Family - specifically to this branch mentioned. Samuel Bunting (son of William and Mary Bunting) born in Derbyshire on 9/9/1692 and came to America to settle in Darby Pennsylvania would be my Great-great-great-great-great-great Grandfather.  I have in my possession a HUGE Bunting genelogical chart that was drawn by Morgan Bunting in 1895. I have some extremely old photographs (some on metal plates)  that I am trying to figure who the family members are for record keeping. I would love help if anyone as any answers. The branches would be - Samuel and Sarah Bunting ----> Samuel Bunting (1762 - 1807) - Hannah Hunt -----> John Bunting - Martha Heacock (married 1810)  ------> Jesse D. Bunting - Lucy Antrim (the photos could start in this era ) ------> Lewis Bunting - Sarah Pearce  (besides Lewis, they had Franklin Bunting, Laura Bunting (which my great Aunt thinks is a woman in some of the photos), Martha Bunting, John Bunting)-----> Lowella Bunting - Calvin Webster Amos -----> Gladys Amos (my paternal grandmother). If anyone is from this branch, please email me at Thanks! 

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