Hannah Bunting

02:41AM GMT - Thursday, 11 December 2008

Contributed by: Sally Bunting

Hi, I am looking for any information on Hannah Bunting born approx 1870 (I believe in Ashover, Derbyshire).  I have a sampler Hannah stitched from Ashover in 1884, so I know that she was in this area then.  Hannah went on to marry George Heathcote in Keighley York in 1891. 

They lived most of their life on the Chatsworth estate near Bakewell.  On Hannah and Georges marriage certificate the witnesses are Joseph and Charlotte Buxton.  Charlotte being a Bunting.  So I am thinking that they were sisters.  My problem is that if they are sisters then Charlotte's dad George was dead by the time that Hannah was born.  I also can not find any record where they are together.  My only link is that I believe their mother was Elizabeth ??.   If anyone has any information on this family it would be greatly appreciated.

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