Memorial found in Skelton Church

03:47PM GMT - Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Contributed by: Yvonne Clarke

Found the following memorial in Skelton Church (near York) while recording MIs

 (White, grey & buff  tablet on east wall of south aisle)

Near to this window without the Church /(in a vault) are deposited the remains of / 
TOMLINSON BUNTING Armig. / who died 17 Dec. 1768, aged 32 / Beneath this marble lies / 
WILLIAM TOMLINSON M.A. Rector of this / Church 36 years, he died 21 Jan. 1770, aged 62 / 
next to his grave lies ELIZABETH his wife / who died 17 Nov. 1764, aged 54 / Between the 
rails and reading desk lies / DOROTHY THOMAS, her sister / (Spinster) / who died 6 June 
1769, aged 50 / A mournful widow and only orphan / (ANN BUNTING) caused this Monument / 
and the Tombstone without to be / respectively placed, as testimonies of / her sincere 
regard, to the Memory of / her Husband, Parents and Aunt / “Blessed are the Dead, which 
die in the / Lord – They rest from their  Labours? And their works follow them”.  Rev. 

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