Probate Questionaire - Urgent

10:05AM GMT - Thursday, 26 March 2009

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

The UK Probate (Wills) Service has published a questionaire regarding payment for a copy of the Calendar or the Will itself.

This is particularly relevant to non-UK citizens and for those who live outside the London area..

The official closing date for replies is tomorrow 27th March 2009.

I will ask John Briden to postpone closure until after the weekend so keep sending replies until then just in case they are accepted.

Q1. If the probate calendar was available on the internet, would you use it?

Q2. If you would use it - how often would you use it?

Q3. What probate information would you be interested in seeing online, and
why that particular information?

Q4. Would you like to order copies online, and be prepared to pay for them

Q5. Would you prefer to access the calendar online, but order and pay for
copies by post, or by telephone?

Q6. Would you be prepared to pay a premium to the fee, in addition to the
normal cost for a more immediate service?

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