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Buntings voting in Northamptonshire

This article is an extract from "Copies of the Polls taken at Northampton for the Election of Knights of the Shire in the years 1702, 1705, 1730, 1745 and 1806"

The precursor to the English parliamentary system was a council of advisors to the King, consisting of noblemen and members of the aristocracy, and Knights of the Shire. This council evolved into the Model Parliament of 1295 which also consisted of representatives from the boroughs (burgesses) and had legislative powers. Two Knights of the Shire were sent from each county. In the reign of Edward III parliament split into its current day format of two houses—the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Knights of the Shire, as well as representatives from the boroughs formed the former House. From then until the Great Reform Act of 1832, each county continued to send two Knights (apart from Yorkshire, which had its number of Knights increased to four in 1826). How these knights were chosen varied from one county to the next and evolved over time. The 1832 Act increased the number of Knights sent by some populous counties to as many as six.

In July 1702 and May 1705, in Northamptonshire, the candidates were Lord Spencer, Lord Mordant, Sir Justinian Isham, Sir St Andrew St John and Thomas Cartwright esq.
Buntings who voted were:

In 1702 it appears that there were no Buntings eligible to vote.

William Bunting of Long Buckby who in 1705 voted for Lord Mordant and Sir St Andrew St John.

In June 1730, in Northamptonshire, the candidates were Sir Justinian Isham Bart and William Hanbury Esq.
Buntings who voted were:

Joseph Bunting of Long Buckby and Richard Bunting of Murcott who both voted for William Hanbury Esq.

In April 1748, in Northamptonshire, the candidates were Valentine Knightly Esq. and William Hanbury Esq.
Buntings who voted were:

Joseph Bunting, William Bunting, William Bunting junr and John Bunting, all of Long Buckby, who all voted for William Hanbury Esq.

In November 1806 the candidates were Lord Viscount Althorp, William Ralph Cartwright Esq and Sir William Langham Baronet.
Buntings who voted were:

William Bunting of Long Buckby who voted for Lord Viscount Althorpe.

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