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11:32PM BST - Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Contributed by: Tony Bunting

My hearty congratulations to Gerry Green, our webmaster,  and to Mary Rix, our records keeper. I have been using the family trees recently loaded onto the society database and accessable from the website. They are marvellous and most easy to use. I started by searching for people I already knew about and following the trees up and down so I could easily check I was doing everything correctly. This all gave the correct results so I ventured further.

All very easy and I found it simple to add data about people where I knew something not already there! All this easy research made me think about one of our past relatives, Edward Bunting, who died in 1681. This prompted me to do further research of my own and hey presto I have found his will in the Norfolk Records Office Probate Category or I think it is his as it is the "Will of Bunting Edward of Geytonthorpe - 1681". I will now have to spend some money to get a copy! Anyone interested in looking at the catalogue for the Norfolk Records Office should type into their browser. But I shall finish where I started. Well done Gerry for getting all Mary's records onto the website. I really feel the society has made a quantum leap.

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