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Welcome to The Bunting Society
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Tony Bunting's photos of the October 2009 annual gathering at Long Buckby are now on the web

Tony Bunting's photos of the October 2009 annual gathering at Long Buckby parts 1 and 2 are now in the Gallery under "20th Annual Gathering ". See instructions at the end of this posting on  how to access them.



 Part 1 - The last Buntings in Long Buckby. Nellie Bunting whom some thought was a witch was married to Bert. Bert made wooden catapults. There is a photo of one which he made and many other items the couple either made or acquired including a wonderful china teaset. Nellie played the piano and had an Eddison phonograph. Bert worked on the farm and on the railway before he retired while Nellie worked as a waitress at Buckby Hall. Barbara Fuller who gave the marvellous talk about them and still has many of these incredible collectables was Nellie's God daughter.

Part 2 - More of Nellie's treasures are shown in part 2 including the Blackburn top and a letter about its journey to Australia. Also there are photographs of Samuel Bunting's famous tree, photos of some of the other presentations including grandfather clocks (Bunting the clockmaker was in Long Buckby - more information abouit him can be found by searching through), photos of some of those present at the gathering of Bunting's and of two of the village churches and much more.

To view the photos simply click on the "Gallery" tab above to go to the Gallery and once there click on "20th Annual Gathering". The 2 PDF's will then appear together with other contributions related to the Society's Annual Get-together held at Long Buckby in October 2009. Please note that when you click on one of the PDF's to view the contents that you will then need to click on "view" in the top bar, then on "rotate view" and finally on "counter clockwise" in order to view the photographs the correct way round!

I do hope you enjoy looking at them.

Best wishes

Tony Bunting


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