Difficulty Reading Web Site Text

01:26PM GMT - Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Contributed by: Jerry Green

If you are having problems seeing text on this, or any other, web site then the following information may be useful to you.

To enlarge all text hold 'CTRL' key down and press '+' key.

To make all text smaller hold 'CTRL' key down and press '-' key.

To revert to default text size hold 'CTRL' key down and press '0' (zero) key.

You may have difficulty using 'Family Trees' if text is enlarged, especially if you are not using Microsoft Explorer. You can open 'Family Trees' in a new window by doing the following.

With all browsers on 'Family Trees' welcome page go to small frame that has list of all trees and scroll to bottom of this frame and click on word 'link'.

If you are using Firefox browser, right mouse click anywhere within family trees frame, select 'This Frame' then 'Open Frame in New Window'.

If you are using Google Chrome browser, right mouse click within family trees frame, select 'Open frame in new window'.

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