Malcom Knowles

03:58PM BST - Sunday, 25 April 2010

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

Whilst the obituary is not a normal item of information we normally print on the web page, Laverne Bunting Hayes , an American Member, rightly has drawn our attention to the matter Malcom dealt with on behalf of our Society, which only she knew about.

Malcom Knowles was the historian of Crosswicks, NJ where the sons of Anthony 1600-1700 and Eleanor Bunting settled in the late 1600's. When I was there in 1991 he and Louisa Bunting took us on a tour of six historic Bunting houses. He was a member of Chesterfield Friends Mtg. that the Bunting brothers founded, in the 2nd bldg built in late 1700's.  There is a cannon ball in the wall from the Rev. War. We were turned down by the "powers that be" to plant a tree and place a bronze plaque in memory of Samuel Bunting, son of Anthony, on his original land, across the street from  his house that stood 1680-1860. Malcolm used his influence and got permission for our tree/plaque. Today the pin oak tree is huge and Louise Bunting looks after the bronze plaque for us. We really did appreciate Malcolm's support of our cause.

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