Dartford Bunting Family

08:01PM BST - Tuesday, 06 July 2010

Contributed by: Mr Barry Jackson

Ashen Essex Bunting.

Robert Bunting b 15/10/1876- died Ashford Hospital 13/10/1952, he was my grandfathers oldest brother, born in Ashen, service with the Suffolk Regiment, believed to have held the rank of Sergeant, settled in Ashford, Kent.


From 1911 census he had 5 daughters, luckily a 2 month old son Robert b1911 was recorded, he married Elizabeth Mary Raines, 1939 West Ashford. 

Robert b1911 died in 1985, after finding only 3 Buntings in the Dartford telephone directory, i wrote to them all. Sadly one decent reply whom i spoke too was not the same Bunting, one has not replied, the other is saying she has lived at the address for 7 yrs and not a Bunting, the previous occupants were not Buntings either.

BT directory wrong?

i would like to find out if Robert & Elizabeth, had any children, if any one has Bunting connection in Dartford, i would be grateful if they could break the ice for me. 

i intend to travel to Dartford, local knowledge would be a great help. 

all the other Buntings had daughters, or no children, Dartford connection would be very rewarding.


Barry Jackson


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