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01:59AM BST - Wednesday, 27 October 2010

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 I was delighted to find this site on the web.  I would love to find out more about our family history.  I have three brothers and one sister. My grandfather, Albert E. Bunting, lived in Canada as a young person, and then in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan where he became wealthy from the tobacco industry.  He had three children, Arthur, Elwood and Albert Lowell, my father, born in 1910, I believe.

The children of Marion (Ohlsson) Bunting and Albert Lowell Bunting are William Mitchell Bunting (scientist), Robert Lowell Bunting (trial attorney and conservationist), Bruce Walter Bunting (Conservationist, Veterinarian and vice president of World Wildlife Fund, and Director of the Bhutan Foundation and father of Kinley Brinkley Bunting; Kathryn Ann Bunting (born 1944), Artist, composer, producer of recordings and well known iconographer and artist for sacred spaces as well as art for private collections, institutions, churches and mother of Giles and Sarah Carrington, and wife of Br. Gregory Norbet. Martha (born 1952) saved Kathryn's life by giving her a kidney transplant in 1979. Martha, Kathryn and Gregory live in Vermont and New Hampshire. Robert lives in Michigan where the family was established. Bruce lives in Wash.DC.

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