Robert Moran Bunting Orlando, Florida, USA

05:46AM GMT - Friday, 10 December 2010

Contributed by: Anonymous

Hello, My name is Rebecca Lee. My Grandfather Robert Moran Bunting passed away four years ago. He lived in Orlando, Fl where I also lived with him and my grandmother till I was 13.

I remember he would get an invitation to a Bunting reunion in England every year. However, he never went. I never really met any of his family and only one of his siblings is still alive. He did not have contact with most of his family. He also suffered a great deal from Alzheimers. All I know is that he was born in North Carolina, he came from a family of Quakers, his parents were Archibald Bunting and Ruby, he also had many siblings ( I can not remember all of their names). Well, I have always wonder about my extended family. If anyone has any information on my grandfather and where his family (my family) came from please feel free to email me at


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