New Subscription Rates

07:37PM BST - Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Contributed by: Tony Bunting

New Subscription Rates from October 2011 

At the February meeting of the Committee of the Bunting Society it was unanimously agreed that due to life members living longer, the current economic climate, and the resultant  low returns on our invested monies that the following changes to subscription rates be proposed at the AGM  on 8 October 2011 and if passed take immediate effect. 

1. All annual subscriptions rise by £1;

1.1 New annual subscription rates will be £6 Individual and £7 Family (Overseas - £8 Individual, £9 Family);

2. Life memberships will be 15 times annual membership;

2.1 New life membership rates will be £90 individual and £105 Family (Overseas - £120 Individual, £135 Family);

2.2 A discount of up to a maximum of 3 years previously paid annual subscriptions will be given to current annual members of the Society transferring to life membership. Such discount will only be given for complete and contiguous years of annual membership immediately prior to life membership being taken out.

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