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12:35AM BST - Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Contributed by: Geoffrey E Dixon-Hamilton

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I am researching my family genealogy and record that one of my relations was Mary Bunting who married one of my relationsJohn Temple, b. 1827. killed in an accident from a falling barrel.Wells-next-the-sea.

I am also aware of a Bunting k. i. a. WW IWells war memorial but not sure if related. Mary and JOHN had two siblings, Mary Ann 1853, Martha 1855.

My other relations in the Wells area were the siblings of Robert and William Temple. William was Wells harbour master 1878. See 2011harbour brochure, p.53.

Would appreciate any further info on Mary Bunting. Mary remarriedafter John's untimely death, Jonas Sanford, in 1877. Wells parish.

Current relations James & Jane Temple of Morston - The Anchor inn.

I am based in Northampton.

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Yours respectfully

Geoffrey E. Dixon-Hamilton

( orig. p-gggg-gf Robert Temple of Barton, 1752-1839.

sloop owner. master mariner, waterman.

as were his sons and their sons.

Moved to Wells summer 1841. see 1851 census etc.


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