43- Baby Bunting

03:21PM BST - Monday, 16 May 2011

Contributed by: Clive Billson

The first time we attended a Bunting Society gathering with our daughter Hannah-marie she was only one year old (I maintain she was a baby Bunting.... although her surname is Billson). She was well behaved and we all had an enjoyable time.

Nearly six years later, we attended the 2010 gathering at Chester. We brought plenty of colouring books, reading books and a DS Nintendo to keep her occupied. In the event it was Clive her father who caused, quite unwittingly, more noise interference with his mobile phone.
Somewhat surprisingly Prue James' talk, entided 'Life of an Enterprising Nurseryman' (see her article  - Ed.), an enthralling tale about her great uncle's 19th Century involvement in exporting lily bulbs from a small Japanese island where he was washed up after being shipwrecked, kept Hannah-marie spellbound.
During the next day's tour of Chester, our guide enlisted Hannah-marie as her assistant, getting her to pose on the statue of an elephant, something she had been eager to do, and to help date the buildings. She was also engaged to demonstrate how people would use the boot scrapers, outside the front door of a Georgian house in Abbey Square. All three of us had a thoroughly enjoyable day and a memorable weekend.

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