Buntings of Terrington St John

06:32PM BST - Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Contributed by: Warwick Bunting


I am trying to locate a family tree for my father's branch of the Bunting family who are from Terrington St. John in Norfolk.  

 My great-great grandfather was Thomas Bunting, born in 1805. My great grandfather was also Thomas, born in 1837. My grandfather was John, born in 1885. At some point John moved from Norfolk to Yorkshire where my father Frederick Bunting - one of seven children - was born in 1923. I have come across information about William Bunting, who died in action in 1917, and his family who were also from Terrington St John. William's father was one John Bunting - born 1835 - and I am wondering if he (John) was a sibling perhaps of Thomas (born 1837). I am new to this and just putting out feelers. I am wondering if my branch of the family has already been researched and that a tree exists in the Society. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Warwick Bunting

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