Bunting Emigrants to Australia

07:31PM BST - Monday, 02 April 2012

Contributed by: Jerry Green

 Whilst looking for a relative of mine, who was transported to Australia, I came across some Buntings who were transported.


Convicted Date
Place of Conviction
Voyage Date
Sentence on Arrival Place of Arrival  
Alice Bunting
12 Apr 1809
Middlesex, England
Stealing apparel in a ?? House
Mar 1810
 7 yrs  New South Wales
Edward Bunting
5 Mar 1828
Norfolk, England
Larceny. Edward Bunting alias Utting for stealing an ass from W Sexton, baker of Briningham.
22 Aug 1828
Royal George
 7 yrs  New South Wales
Samuel Bunting
8 Aug 1828
Norfolk, England
Burglary. Sentence of death was recorded against Samuel Bunting and John Drake, for burglary in the house of Samuel True of Pockthorpe.
14 Nov 1828
Lord Melville
 Life   New South Wales
John Bunting
10 Jan 1831
Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Breaking into a Country house and stealing before convicted of felony
29 Mar 1831
 Life  New South Wales
George Bunting
5 Mar 1834
Norfolk, England
Larceny. George Bunting and Edward Scalesfor stealing seven pecks of wheat and a sack from Mr Robert Smith of Wymondham. The Jury acquitted Scales but found Bunting guilty, seven years transportation.
25 Jul 1834
 7 years New South Wales
Robert Bunting
26 Mar 1836
Norfolk, England
Carnally abusing an infant. Robert Bunting (19) was charged with having committed a rape on the person of Phoebe Tuffs, four years and a half old, on Saturday, the 25th of July last, in Terrington St Clement's of which injury she died on the Thursday after. The child went home and complained to its Mother of the injuries it had sustained. The prisoner, it appeared, had told his Mother of what he had done, and she recommended him to go off into Lincolnshire, in search of work, which he did; but was apprehended. Two surgeons deposed that the child died from the effects of the injuries she had received. The Jury found the prisoner guilty, and sentence of death was passed without a hope being held out of its mitigation.
18 Mar 1837
 Life New South Wales
Robert Bunting
14 Mar 1837
Warwick, Warwickshire, England
House breaking. Edward Ordige, John Barns and Robert Bunting, for breaking into and robbing the dwelling house of Thomas Sanders, fourteen years.
20 Jul 1837
 14 yrs New South Wales
Christopher Bunting
17 Apr 1837
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
John Campbell or Pollock, Christopher Bunting and David McQueen, were charged with stealing some weights from a shop in Marischal Street. Campbel and Bunting were charged with previous convictions, and with being habit and repute thieves and McQueen was charged with habit and repute thief. All the Panels pleaded Not Guilty. After a short trial, they were all found guilty as libelted? and sentenced to seven years transportation.
29 Aug 1837
Royal Sovereign
 7 yrs Van Diemen's Land
William Bunting
28 Jun 1841
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
House breaking before convicted of felony
26 Mar 1842
 10 yrs Van Diemen's Land
Thomas Bunting
16 Jan 1852
Norfolk, England
For stealing three rams, belonging to Mr M Dodman, at Thornham, Norfolk; fifteen years transportation.
25 Apr 1854
 15 yrs Western Australia
Arthur Bunting
1 Mar 1855
Durham, Durham, England
Robbery with violence before convicted of felony. Legal irresponsibility of wife - On a trial which came on at Durham assizes on Saturday, before Mr Baron Parke, for an infamous garrot robbery, perpetrated by a man named Arthur Bunting (27), with the assistance of his wife, Sarah Bunting (24), - who engaged the attention of the victim, Jas Richardson at Darlington on 24th October, while her husband came up from behind and thbrottled him - the wife was acquitted; not because there was the slightest doubt of her guilt, but by operation of that maxim of law which makes the wife acting under herhusband's direction irresponsible for her own acts. The man was sentenced to fourteen years transportation.
11 Jun 1856
 15 yrs  Western Australia
John Bunting
6 May 1857
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
John Bunting (180) and Thomas Hamilton Clark (23), were charged with having, on 27th October, 1856, stolen, from a house in Chronicle Court, a Copper Boiler, and on 28th October, from a house in Carmelite Street, a shawl - both being habit and repute thieves, and Bunting previously convicted for theft. They severally pled not guilty. After evidence had been led, Mr Christie addressed the Jury for Bunting and Mr Rettie for Clarke; and Lord Ivory summed up. The Jury returned a verdict finding Bunting guilty, but in the charge as is against Clark was not proven. Sentence - Bunting Four years penal servitude, Clark Dismissed from the Bar.
26 May 1859
 4 yrs Western Australia

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