Arthur Bunting of Belper

04:21PM BST - Tuesday, 08 May 2012

Contributed by: Anonymous

 Hi, I've just found this site and hope that someone out there can help me.  My bunting ancestors are a bit of an enigma.  My great grandfather was Arthur Bunting, 


I know that he was born at The Ruff? in Belper and that he married twice (his second marriage was to my great grandmother (maiden name Cuer). They had 5 daughters and had moved from the Mansfield area over to North West Leicestershire. I also think they had a son (who family think may have been killed in a mining accident while very young). I know that my great grandfather had children from his first marriage - one of his daughters was called Lizzie. This is all I have been able to piece together with - there seem to be so many branches of the family and I have been unable to identify the name of his first wife, nor what happened to her.


Any help much appreciated

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