Martha Kennell nee Bunting, c1803-1853

11:36PM BST - Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Contributed by: Richard C Kennell

Can anyone help me trace Martha's ancestry, please?  She was born at Watford NTH (adjacent to Long Buckby, a known Bunting "hub") about 1803 according to the 1851 census, and marrried my great-great-grandfather James Kennell (aka Kinning, Kenning) at Piddington NTH on 24.10.1825.  She had been baptised as an adult at Piddington on 22.2.1825, parents Joseph (labourer) and Mary Bunting of Hackleton (then part of Piddington parish).  Although James' abode was given as Daventry NTH, he was a native of Long Buckby and the couple were back there by 1828, some of their children being baptised at the parish church and others at the Independent church.  James died of consumption in 1845, and the 1851 Long Buckby census states Martha to be a pauper working as a shoe-binder.  After James' death, she appears to have joined the Baptist church in Long Buckby.  She died of enteritis aged 50 on 15.12.1853.

I cannot find any matches on the trees, particularly KEN New Romney which I believe encompasses most of the Long Buckby Buntings. She is clearly not the Martha (1379) born 1797 at East Haddon NTH. Neither Joseph (1260) m Mary Kintch 1784 at Long Buckby nor Joseph (1388) m Martha Smith 1808 at Watford appear to be her father. Nor is it clear why Martha and her parents were living at Piddington / Hackleton; there do not seem to be any previous Buntings resident there and the villages aren't particularly close to Long Buckby and Watford. They are however not far from Newport Pagnell BKM, where Joseph (1388) and Martha appear to have moved, their children being baptised there in one of the Independent churches between 1808 and 1825. Could there be a connection here?

Any information about this most elusive ancestor would be welcome!

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