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02:50PM GMT - Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Contributed by: victor bunting

Would someone kindly explain to me the privacy rules operating on the Bunting family tree charts on the web site? I have just looked at my family tree (Matlock 3) and in particular the details of my parents. I find my brother's details on the chart but mine are not shown and are marked as private. I do not recall being asked whether I wanted it this way and I cannot understand the Society's reluctance to show this information. Can it really be that it is because I am still alive? And if that is the case what is the point as this information is available from many other sources. And please don't come back with the old chestnut of data protection. Surely in a society which is all about family history there must be a way of showing fully all available  information even it means asking the members to opt in or out.

Secondly, am I alone in finding these charts almost impossible to navigate easily?

Vic Bunting(425)

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