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Welcome to The Bunting Society
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47 - Editorial

 Avid Gone A-Hunting readers — and hopefully all Bunting Society members come into that category - would have been mystified by the reference, on the EDITORIAL page of the last issue of the journal, to an article purporting to follow in subsequent pages about a William Bunting who, in the mid 19th Century, proved to be an embodiment of the label 'jack of all trades'.

 Those who turned eagerly to read the flagged article, written by the society's webmaster Jerry Green, were beset with disappointment, because the piece was not to be found. The editor apologises to Jerry and to those expectant members left weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth. There are no real excuses, but readers should know that the situation arose out of the biannual GA-H scenario, whereby the editor, having almost nothing to hand with which to fill the pages of the upcoming issue, makes a plea for Bunting-related articles, only to be hit by an avalanche of material.

The result is an embarrassment of riches which have to be sorted and fitted into the 20-odd pages available each time. This first issue of the journal for 2013 should hearten those readers overcome with distress last
autumn at missing the story of William the farmhand who went on to become a wool stapler before taking on an agency for an insurance company. They will find Jerry's account of William's surprising career moves, starting on page 5.
They will find lots more essential reading between the covers of this Spring/Summer issue of Gone A-Hunting, not least in a further instalment, starting on page 10, of Frank Bunting's exceptionally detailed family history, emerging from his punctilious research work into the Bunting diaspora, especially those who found their way from Ireland to the antipodes.
We welcome a new member to the Bunting Society in the shape of Richard Burton, who has written a new biography of the renowned poet Basil Bunting, due to be published in a few months time. A briefer account of Basil's life has been contributed by Richard for this issue of the journal, describing the poet's humble beginnings.
Our sincere condolences go to the relatives and friends of two well-regarded members of the Bunting Society who have died in recent months. Tributes to both Tim and Daniel Bunting, from a daughter and brother respectively, begin on page 16.
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