A Bunting Thief

09:23PM BST - Saturday, 08 June 2013

Contributed by: Chris and Gwen Bunting

Found in the Nottingham  Magistrates Court Journel's while looking for Women Convicts transported to Tasmania.

William Bunting of Mansfield Notts 4 January, 1841

William Bunting late of the parish of Mansfield in this county a labourer for feloniously stealing and taking to convey away 2 pieces of gold coins sovereigns and two pieces of silver called half crowns the mones of Joseph Girton. To which indictment the said William Bunting pleased not guility but upon his his trial was found guilty and was ordered by the court to be imprisoned in the House of Correction Southwell Notts and there be kept to hard labour for the term of 4 calendar months and during this one day per week in every month to be confined to solitary confinement.

Qrt sessions Shire Hall Nottingham 4th January, 1841

I am not sure which tree he belongs to there were no other details sadly, my husband is the Bonsall tree, this is how it was written in the most beautiful copper plate hand writing with no ink blobs!!

Gwen Bunting

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