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11:35PM GMT - Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Contributed by: Anonymous

Hi, I am trying to find a Roger Bunting to get in contact with members of my father's family.  My father, Stanley WRAGG, was born near Loughton, Essex, he had two brothers, Edward and Dennis, and a sister Elsie.

Elsie married a Robert Bunting who, I believe, was in  the merchant navy.  They lived in Chatham, Kent.  Both are now decesaed.  They had two children, Roger and Linda.  Linda may be married and I have no idea what her married name might be.

There is a chance that I can find some trace of Roger Bunting who would have been born a little before me, probably around 1950, in or near Chatham.

I would appreciate any information that your society and members could provide.

Thank you in anticipation

Gordon Wragg


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