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04:36PM GMT - Sunday, 20 December 2015

Contributed by: Kathy Paulus

I'm hoping someone can point me to some clues as to who my ancestor might have been. 
This is what I know,  my direct ancestor was Elijah Bunton/Bunting, born in Carter County, Tennessee in 1826.  His father was William Bunton/Buntin (Jr.?) who died in 1839 in Johnson County, TN.  At the time of his death he was married to Fanny (Griffin?) No way of knowing if this was his only wife since in his Will he only leaves an inheritance to Fanny and his "two youngest sons, Andrew and Elijah".  He had eight other children all assumed to be Fanny's.  His birth dates are in doubt,  around 1777 or 1757.  There are at least 4 stories about who William Bunton/Buntin (Jr.?) was. 
1. He was born about 1777 in Wilkes County, North Carolina,  the son of William Buntin/Bunton and Eleanor/Nelly.  William Bunton Sr. died in 1782, I have no other documented evidence for him.  Some say he was born in 1709 or 1732 or 1755 in Augusta County, VA. which at the time was a hugh area.  I do have evidence for Eleanor/Nelly/Nell Buntin , born before 1756, and having 3 boys born after 1774 and maybe 2 daughters.   Since William, Jr. had a daughter named Eleanor/Nelly, it is reasonable to think she was named after his mother.)
2. Someone put up a tombstone stating that William (Jr.?) was born in 1757 of Scots-Irish desent, pioneer and Revolutionary soldier, but I have never been able to find documentation for this.  I think this might be confusion between father and son since I did find a William Bunton in the Augusta militia.
3. He deserted from the British army and took the payroll with him.  Supposely he buried it and it was found later by some descendants. No evidence for this that I can find.
4. He was transported to America when he was about 12.  He was taken from the street  and put on a ship to America, he never saw any of his family again and they never knew what happened to him. Since I don't know his birth year or which state he was shipped to, I can't find anything to support this.  But this is a reasonable way for him or his father to arrive in America.
Anyone have information or suggestions?

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