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Capt William Bunting MC son of John and Sarah Bunting
Authored by: Mary Rix on 09:45AM BST - Tuesday, 12 September 2006

William Bunting was the Son of John & Sarah (nee Askew).  The second of 12 children.  I have met one of his nephews.



Capt William Bunting MC son of John and Sarah Bunting
Authored by: Anonymous on 08:30PM GMT - Wednesday, 15 November 2006

I am a serving Officer in the British Army, currently working in Washington DC.  A US citizen has been in contact because she is now in the possession of a letter written by William Bunting to the parents of a soldier he believed was killed in 1917.  So far I have found out that Captain William Bunting was killed in Aug 1917 and received a Military Cross for gallant conduct and that the soldier he was writing about was probably not killed but more likely wounded or taken prisoner.  The person that holds the letter would like to return it to William Buntings family.  It is very moving and I believe would mean a great deal to them.

If you are able to put me in touch via an e-mail address or maybe give them my contact details I would be most grateful. My e-mail address is

Regards  John

Capt John W James

British Army Staff (Washington DC)

Capt William Bunting MC son of John and Sarah Bunting
Authored by: Anonymous on 04:52PM BST - Friday, 26 September 2008

I do not know if this is of any interest but I am possibly a relative of the above.  My grandmother was Hannah Bunting (1887) who married Arthur Pender (1882) in Salford, Lancs.  My great grandfather was Robert Bunting (1862) and my great great grandfather was Charles Bunting (1828).  They were all born in Terrington St John Norfolk, apart from Hannah who was born In Burry North Glamorgan.  They must have been travelling around for work.  Recently I took a trip to Terrington St John in Norfolk to see if I could trace any further family history.  Whilst in the Churchyard I saw the war memorial listing Capt William Bunting MC.  Also in the graveyard were the graves of a Thomas Bunting and his wife Elizabeth Bunting who died in 1917.  These graves were very overgrown and a lot of the wording obscure .

I don't know where we fit in with John and Sarah but possibly they were brothers of cousins?  It would be interesting to know if anyone can cast a light on this. 

Margaret Livesey 

Capt William Bunting MC son of John and Sarah Bunting
Authored by: Anonymous on 03:20AM BST - Saturday, 05 July 2008
Hi Mary,

It has been a while but I am still interested in getting hold of one of Capt Bunting's relatives, or if they prefer you could give them my e-mail address so they could get in touch with me.  I visited the cemetary in Flanders where William is buried in April and placed a cross on his grave.  I would like to close the loop on getting the letter back to his relatives or if this is not possible then passing it to his former Regiment.

Hope this e-mail finds you well.

My e-mail -

Many thanks

Major John James

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