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About This Website
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 08:03PM BST - Sunday, 04 April 2004

Dear Barbara,
After returning from a weekend conference at and about the Guild of One Name Studies (we happen to be member number 1696) I was delighted to see that you had found the site and no doubt noted the different addressees on the new application form. I realise that because our Secretary, Prue, probably only received your application on either Friday or Saturday morning she would not have formally advised the Web Master of your Membership yet. So quite rightly, I got a slap on the hand! Prue and Jerry will write to you officially, shortly.
What it means is that you will not yet be able to enter the Member's Room and you will be limited as to what you can write. Strictly speaking your comment should have been published anonomously but Jerry must have been feeling generous. Your e-maill address will not in any case be visible on the site. Well I am told that Heartbeat is just about to begin so cheerio for the moment.

Authored by: Anonymous on 01:12AM BST - Wednesday, 07 April 2004

I'm mortified! I would like to share any and all of my comments with members of this site. When am I likely to be a real person? I did write about my family but I think I put it in the wrong place. Would you please, in the fullness of time, share this information with other members? It is vital for the follow up stories.
Thank you.

About This Website
Authored by: Anonymous on 01:28AM BST - Wednesday, 07 April 2004

Hello again Webmaster,
I have been feeling my way around the site and, on entering the 'Bunting Queries' I read...
'There are no news stories to display. There may be no news for this topic or your user preferences may be too restrictive for topic Bunting_Queries.'
What does it all mean? Am I to write my queries somewhere else? I await your reply with controlled anticipation.

About This Website
Authored by: Jerry Green on 09:27PM BST - Wednesday, 07 April 2004
I have now pasted this article to where it should be. To contribute an article, story etc use the selection "contribute" in the menu at the top of the page. Always login when submitting anything to the web site then readers can contact you. All members of the web site who become society members will have their user name changed and get a new password once their membership is confirmed.

Jerry Green
Society Webmaster.

Authored by: Anonymous on 11:48PM BST - Wednesday, 07 April 2004

My goodness I'm still anonymous; I feel like the minor part of Tom and Jerry!

Thank you for helping me with the story. I noticed that I have said Peter was my great grandfather when, in fact, he was my great great grandfather. Is there an edit button? I could amend this comment in the follow up story if there isn't. It would make me about 126 years old.
With gratitude,
Anonymous Barbara

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