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  • Making of America Website at Cornell University (643)
    Making of America (MOA) is a major collaborative effort to preserve and make accessible a major body of resources related to the development of the United States. With funding from the Andrew W.
    Mellon Foundation, Cornell University and the University of Michigan began in 1995 to develop a digital library documenting the social history of the United States from the antebellum period through

    Cornell University started by digitizing 955 volumes, including 109 monographs and 22 journals with imprints between 1840 and 1900. The
    University of Michigan started by digitizing 1,600 books and 10 journals with imprints published dating between 1850 and 1877. The collections have since grown to more than 1.5 million images from 5,000 volumes at Cornell University, and more then 3.5 million images from more than 10,000 volumes at the University of Michigan. Each
    university maintains a their own website for their MOA titles.
    Many of these titles, such as /Harper's New Monthly Magazine/,
    /Scientific America/n, and /Vanity Fair/, may be familiar to you.
    Others, such as /American Jewess/ and the /Journal of the United States Association of Charcoal Iron Workers/, may be less so, but are
    equally valuable.

    Both sites provide similar functionality. You can browse the contents by subject, author, or title. There is also a robust search engine that allows you to search on the full text of the contents as well as the title and subject. It also allows for Boolean and proximity searches as well as bibliographic searches.
    Search results show you the number of hits in each title, with links to images of the original pages where the text was found. You can add a result to your bookbag so that you have the bibliographic citation, and then download them later. One nice feature is that you can increase and decrease the size of the image, making it easier for you to read.
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