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KEN New Romney 
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Photographs associated with the Kent, New Romney Tree.
Local Government officials' picnic Kuranda, near Cairnsc1880 - Joseph Bunting is first on the left in the back row.
Joseph Albert bunting c1880
04:04PM BST - Thursday, 01 October 1998
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Robert Frederick Bunting CBE 1908 - 1969
04:17PM BST - Thursday, 01 October 1998
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Stony Stratford High Street (Watling St) with Cock and Bull hostelries on the left. The home of Cock and Bull stories.
Stony Stratford Buckinghamshire
02:28AM GMT - Tuesday, 27 February 2001
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Tomb of William Bunting, his wife Elizabeth and Elizabeth's parents in Spratton, Northamptonshire.
10:38PM GMT - Sunday, 11 March 2001
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William Bunting (1800-1891) and his father Thomas (1763-1832) are buried in this churchyard. William married Elizabeth Lantsbery here on 30th Sept 1823.
St. Andrew's Church, Spratton, Northamptonshire
10:43PM GMT - Sunday, 11 March 2001
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Drawn by Edward Hugh (Bertie) Bunting 1880 - 1950 in about 1899.
St. Peter's Church, Northampton
12:08AM GMT - Monday, 29 October 2001
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Frances Williams Bunting with her daughter, Catherine Eleanor Dunkley
Frances Williams Bunting
11:53AM BST - Friday, 22 June 2007
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Keywords: Northamptonshire Spratton Creaton
Taken by Henry Cooper, 17 the Drapery, Northampton. William died in 1891, where and when?
William Bunting
11:54AM BST - Friday, 22 June 2007
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Keywords: Northamptonshire Spratton Northampton
I assume this is Henry John Bunting born in Spratton 1831 and died in Northampton in 1909. Annotation on back: 94140 Gothic 14 copy.
Henry John Bunting
05:46PM BST - Friday, 22 June 2007
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Keywords: Northamptonshire Spratton Northampton
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